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  • Do You Need 35 High Quality Royalty Free Stock Images For Only $5?

    Posted on April 28th, 2016 by Info@CozWeAreFriends


    Today’s selected Fiverr gig is by Lisbethelliot. She is basically offering you guys 35 high quality royalty free stock images for only $5. This sounds great to me. Where in the world are you gonna get that?

    Let’s go through what’s mentioned in the description – just so you know what you will get with your 5 dollar.


    Do you need  high quality images for commercial or personal use? I am here to bring anything you desire for the occasion. It gets costly buying stock photos in bulk, which makes this service bullseye for anyone interested in saving money without compromising value.

    What you get:

    • Up to 35 high quality images free of use
    • Any possible category of your choice
    • Great customer service


    The one that grabs my attention is really “any possible category of you choice”. Seriously if this is for me, it could cater more than my 10 projects which require stunning and awesome photos.

    So, why not give it a try? You may Lisbethelliot for more information!




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    Get Your Elegant 2D Business Logo From As Cheap As $5

    Posted on April 17th, 2016 by Info@CozWeAreFriends

    Do you know that a business logo is important in business organization?

    Yes, that will be your brand and branding impacts how well your business is since it determines how professional, well-known you are and how you could influence your clients.

    Let’s cut the crap. I am here to promote an awesome logo designer in Fiverr who designs elegant 2D business logo from as cheap as $5: Sujondream

    So what will you get with $5? Well, with the basic gig obviously you can get 1 Ultra High Quality logo AND vector files AND unlimited revisions AND priority support AND logo transparency! That’s awesome!

    There are also another package which of course will give you more advantages and features including source files and many more. So, check out his gig for more information.

    cheap 2d logo design

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    Mix Your Rap Song Professionally From As Cheap As $5

    Posted on April 17th, 2016 by Info@CozWeAreFriends

    Do you have your own rap project/song and you need to get all your tracks mixed together to sound good, punchy with really in-your-face kind of vocals?

    Well, at least with the increasing number of sound engineers in the music industry/market now, you have the cheapest one in fiverr (a gig by Purnell263).

    You probably understand that there are a lot of processes, steps, tuning, tweaking need to be done before a music/song is ready to get published – compression, sidechain, EQ, level, pitch-correct, reverb, etc and lastly mastering. Let’s see what you will get there with very small amount of budget.

    – $5 gets you a quick mix – level adjustments, EQ, and compression (maximum 10 number of tracks per song)

    – another $5 gets your song fully mastered 

    – another $5 will get you to your project file

    – an additional $5 if you need an extra reversion of the mix 

    – an another $10, you can get advanced mixing techniques by applying effects like reverbs/delays/choruses & by using premium plug-in package along with analog gear like compressors, tubes preamps and and many more. 

    That’s basically it. Awesome right? I tell you that it’s hard to get a sound engineer in the market now for a cup of coffee. 🙂

    Just in case you are interested in this, please ensure that you have the raw uncompressed audio files in WAV/MP3/ or AIFF. For best quality, please provide no clipping audio files.

    Check out the gig here!


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    Get Brandable Logo Design From As Cheap As $5

    Posted on April 17th, 2016 by Info@CozWeAreFriends

    Today’s selected gig in Fiverr (Design_expert77) will give you perfect, nice, stunning and brandable logo design from as low as $5. And it is within 24 hours! Wow. That is the basic gig. Meanwhile, silver and gold package will cost you only $30 and $80 which gives you additional features such as vector & source file, 3D image, stationary design and much more!

    cheap logo design

    Anyway, lets talk about the basic gig. You will basically get this:

    – modern and classic design

    – 2 concepts draft

    – unlimited revision

    – 1 logo in PNG or JPG format


    Sounds cool right? Here are some notes just in case you wish to order from Design_expert77:

    • Before ordering please note that you need to order also the extra with “Source Files” for legal rights over the entire design.

    Check out the gig here!

    cheap logo design


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