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  • Mix Your Rap Song Professionally From As Cheap As $5

    Posted on April 17th, 2016 by Info@CozWeAreFriends

    Do you have your own rap project/song and you need to get all your tracks mixed together to sound good, punchy with really in-your-face kind of vocals?

    Well, at least with the increasing number of sound engineers in the music industry/market now, you have the cheapest one in fiverr (a gig by Purnell263).

    You probably understand that there are a lot of processes, steps, tuning, tweaking need to be done before a music/song is ready to get published – compression, sidechain, EQ, level, pitch-correct, reverb, etc and lastly mastering. Let’s see what you will get there with very small amount of budget.

    – $5 gets you a quick mix – level adjustments, EQ, and compression (maximum 10 number of tracks per song)

    – another $5 gets your song fully mastered 

    – another $5 will get you to your project file

    – an additional $5 if you need an extra reversion of the mix 

    – an another $10, you can get advanced mixing techniques by applying effects like reverbs/delays/choruses & by using premium plug-in package along with analog gear like compressors, tubes preamps and and many more. 

    That’s basically it. Awesome right? I tell you that it’s hard to get a sound engineer in the market now for a cup of coffee. 🙂

    Just in case you are interested in this, please ensure that you have the raw uncompressed audio files in WAV/MP3/ or AIFF. For best quality, please provide no clipping audio files.

    Check out the gig here!


    Written by Info